The Purpose of Hearwitted Apparel

You may have noticed that our merchandise has questions at the forefront of each design.
The questions’ function is simple: to generate an answer. It’s easy for Christians to become passive with our faith. The daily routines of life tend to distract us from the divine commission to “go and make disciples of all nations” (Matt. 28:16-20). Hearwitted Apparel is designed to encourage thought-provoking responses from the casual observer.

Hearwitted’s mission is to “provide adequate, appropriate, and constructive social connections for believers”. Our merchandise serves to carefully generate such junctures.

Many people will ignore your clothing completely. Maybe some will ponder the question, even if only internally. But perhaps there will be a chance someone answers the question that you are asking simply by wearing the shirt. Perhaps that's your God-gifted opportunity to walk someone through the satisfaction of the gospel message. Perhaps you will be the one who God uses to say, “through Christ alone, He has made me complete” (Col. 2:10). You don’t need a million fancy words. You don’t need an organ or a pulpit. All you need is your testimony and a heart for God’s lost children. That’s what Hearwitted is about. We aim to restore the family. And we hope that each piece of merchandise assists you in gaining the confidence and chance to do the same.

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Thank you for your love and support. 

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