2 Peter 3:15 instructs Christians to know how to articulate the truths within the Word. This chat serves as an opportunity for believers to refine hermeneutics amongst other believers. Consider this group if you have an interest in theology, doctrines, and universal scriptural application.


For a general pulse on current events with a Kingdom-minded perspective, join the culture chat! This is the town square where most of the Hearwitted community is plugged in. Feel free to chime in however random or relevant your contribution may seem.



Physical, mental, and emotional health are not to be ignored in spiritual spaces. We believe that God has abundant life scheduled for us holistically. Post your encouragements and check-ins to promote accountability however you need it to stay focused on your goals.
If you think you have an ear for good music, put it to the test! Sharing your old school classics, new releases, and deep cuts is a way to build your library and some refreshing friendships.


Many believe that religion and politics should not be mixed amongst friends, yet that is quite difficult to do in real time. Especially as a Christian during these chaotic times. We welcome all respectful discourse regardless of one’s political affiliation or preference. We aim to understand where each believer is coming from, but most importantly, what God has to say about how we operate as citizens in our country.


The Bible talks about wealth building strategies that many believers tend to miss. This group helps connect our financial mindsets to biblical principles to make our money work for us.